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"Erica has an incredibly intuitive knowledge of the body and its needs. She approaches her work with energy, compassion, and heart. May you be so fortunate to experience a massage from this talented practioner!"

~ Christie Winkelman, N.D., M.A. Naturopathic Physician & Counselor


"Erica's bodywork is exceptional. She has helped me with back pain, knee injury, and wonderful relaxation. I rely on her understanding of muscle function and structural form; I trust her intuition and commitment healing. After Erica works on me I deeply notice the positive effects."

~ Ruth Oclander, Acupuncturist





 "A massage with Erica is a thoroughly revitalizing experience. She has created a beautiful serene environment, where she has given me many deep massages, and always connects with the sore and tired spots in my body. She is one of the best in the business."

~ EG 



"I always know that when I leave Erica's I'm walking away feeling relaxed, renewed, refreshed and revitalized. I continue to be in awe of the power and strength of her healing hands, her exquisite knowledge of the human body and her deep intuition about my body's needs."

~ LE




"Erica Kessler has abundant wisdom, heart, and healing powers that are truly unique. Her knowledge of the interconnectivity of the human body and years of experience is very impressive. Her intuitive nature is balanced by her willingness to learn and try new things. Either everyday aches and pains or something more hidden... she approaches the challenge with the same passion each time. She offers her healing gift with the warmth of positive energy and a beautiful spirit. She's helped me with a variety of injuries and chronic issues... my back, neck, hip and feet are all very grateful to have known Erica."

~ MM


"Caring hands, caring heart and a caring soul: Time well spent with Erica and her magical massage table."

~ LT

"Erica Kessler has taught me how to listen to and understand my body. I have been a client for about 20 years. During that time she has seen me through Dental School, the physical stress of private practice, 3 pregnancies and now the daily insanity of a busy mom. I have found her skill and knowledge as a LMT to be unrivaled and would absolutely recommend her."


~ KD

"Each time I went to Erica for treatment she would sit and talk to me and learn what has been going on in my life and  treat me accordingly. Erica always is professional but I also consider her a very good friend and I trust her with my care. "


~ AR


"Erica has excellent massage therapy skills and a great "bedside manner.”  She strives to intimately understand her patient's comfort level and "trouble areas”,  before she begins her work and explains what she is working on every step of the way. She also stays in touch with her clients to check in and brainstorm additional relief strategies and tactics post-massage in order to customize her work for the next session. She is world-class."



"I recommend Erica without hesitation. I am a skeptic but following the advice of spouse and friends, I decided to consult with Erica. After our meeting, I elected to give massage therapy a try with her. That was one of the best decisions I have made regarding my body's care. To say I have no regrets is a huge understatement. I am now a true believer in the art and science of massage therapy, and particularly Erica's caring approach and professional skills in solving problems."


~ KD

"When I come to see Erica, I know I will leave her table a new person. Erica has got "the Magic.” I sink into timelessness, and when we are done I can't believe it has only been one hour. Erica's massage is deep on many levels and filled with her loving presence. I can't get enough of it and would come to see her every day if I could."


~ TT

"Erica is blessed with an innate sense of what your body is telling you.  She can pinpoint quickly where the root of your pain is from, even if the pain is manifesting itself in another part of your body.  In most cases, Erica is able to address my issues in one session and provides me with instant relief which continues into the following days.  As a wonderful bonus, Erica is an incredibly compassionate person with lots of personality so my sessions with her not only relieve a physical trouble spot but I come out of the session enveloped by her positive, energetic attitude."


~ ES


"I'm just so happy to have known Erica for all these years! I have never found any massage therapist that my body likes as well. Erica seems to know every nook and cranny of the muscles in my body and I really feel good after every session. The pains I feel especially after a long run, seem to vanish after just a few sessions."


~ FI


"I have always felt completely supported, comfortable and safe on Erica’s massage table and able to relax completely. On two different occasions she’s eliminated vertigo for me.  I have always appreciated suggestions on how to help myself between appointments and seem to soak up some of her positive energy."


~ TK

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