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Portland massage therapist, offers therapy for car accident injury recovery, pregnancy, trigger points, myofacial release, pnf, infant, teen massage, pediatric massage, infant massage, back pain, car accident

Pediatric / Teen Massage

Whether your child is a newborn babe or a competitive athlete, sensations in their changing bodies can be greatly influenced by massage. Erica has worked with kids for a variety of reasons, be it cholic, difficulty sleeping, stress at school, growing pains, or injuries from sports.


Sessions are shorter and follow the child's direction. Parents are welcome to sit in on the session, or enjoy a break of their own. 


"Erica Kessler is an exemplary massage therapist. Her strengths are in listening to the client with a goal towards healing. She helped immensely with a shoulder issue, helping my body to turn a corner towards a pain free existence. Her skills, knowledge and intelligence in the field are deep. I would highly recommend her."



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