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Portland massage therapist, offers therapy for car accident injury recovery, pregnancy, trigger points, myofacial release, pnf, infant, teen massage, pregnancy, back pain, relaxation

Pregnancy Massage

Everything about pregnancy is transformative, and a woman's body and spirit can benefit greatly from massage during this special time.

Erica provides a specific massage for the pregnant and postpartum mother.  She uses contoured body cushions, which are supportive to the mother's changing body so that she's comfortable, even when lying face down.  Massage can also be very beneficial during the postpartum period, assisting in physical recovery and easing the mental stresses of being a new mom.  There's no better time than now to reap the health benefits of massage.

"Erica Kessler has taught me how to listen to and understand my body. I have been a client for about 20 years. During that time she has seen me through Dental School, the physical stress of private practice, 3 pregnancies and now the daily insanity of a busy mom. I have found her skill and knowledge as a LMT to be unrivaled and would absolutely recommend her."


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