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Myofascial Release Work

Erica has developed her own myofascial release method. The fascia is a continuous three-dimensional connective tissue that is found throughout the body; it's the "thread that holds everything together."


Due to its continuous nature, when an area of the fascia becomes restricted through repetitive holding patterns or sudden trauma, it influences tissue and structure throughout the body. Using static touch without oil, Erica works to  reestablish the elastic component of the fascia, subsequently freeing the connective tissues. Untangle the support system of your anatomy and restore your body's healthy function.

"Erica Kessler has abundant wisdom, heart, and healing powers that are truly unique. Her knowledge of the interconnectivity of the human body and years of experience is very impressive. Her intuitive nature is balanced by her willingness to learn and try new things. Either everyday aches and pains or something more hidden... she approaches the challenge with the same passion each time. She offers her healing gift with the warmth of positive energy and a beautiful spirit. She's helped me with a variety of injuries and chronic issues... my back, neck, hip and feet are all very grateful to have known Erica."


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