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Erica's interest and expertise in the human anatomy extends beyond the hours she spends working in her massage studio. She has a BFA from University of Utah in Modern Dance. While there, she attended her first anatomy, physiology and kinesiology classes and soon became transfixed by the inner workings of the human body. Her extensive dance training gives her a unique understanding of pain and allows her to give focused therapy to facilitate holistic healing.


Erica's underlying philosophy, founded in the Onsen Technique, is that pain, discomfort, and loss of mobility are almost always the result of structural imbalances. Erica focuses on releasing these system-wide and often hidden disharmonies, and works with her clients to guide the body back to its native balance.


Being a problem-solver at heart, she enjoys working with clients to identify their aches and pains and subsequently addresses them with a variety of massage practices. Erica listens carefully to how each client characterizes his/her pain or discomfort and follows the disruption to its source. Massage has been a crucial aspect of her life, and she hopes to share the incredibly powerful impact it has on the human body with her clients. 


In her free time, Erica enjoys biking with her family and learning about the nutritive power of food--and eating it, of course! She lives in SE Portland with her husband, daughter, cat, and dog. 




Erica W. Kessler BFA, LMT

Portland massage therapist, offers therapy for car accident injury recovery, pregnancy, trigger points, myofacial release, pnf, infant, teen massage

"Erica's bodywork is exceptional. She has helped me with back pain, knee injury, and wonderful relaxation. I rely on her understanding of muscle function and structural form; I trust her intuition and commitment healing. After Erica works on me I deeply notice the positive effects."


~Ruth Oclander, Acupuncturist

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